End user Management Services

End-user computing (EUC) refers to systems in which non-programmers can create working applications. … Examples of end-user computing are systems built using fourth-generation programming languages, such as MAPPER or SQL, or one of the fifth-generation programming languages, such as ICAD

End-user computing in organizations with different information systems strategies was studied to determine the nature and characteristics of user-developed applications, systems development practices, quality assurance methods, and policies and procedures for end-user development. The findings showed that the information systems strategies of the firms studied did not markedly affect end-user computing activities. In most of these firms, strategic end-user systems were being designed by functional specialists, suggesting their role as catalysts for introducing strategic uses of information technology in user departments in which computing had been primarily valuable for operational efficiency in the past. Formal systems development practices such as data validation, documentation, and data security were not being followed, indicating a need for user training. Although policies and procedures for hardware and software acquisition were in effect, users were largely unaware of policies or guidelines addressing application development issues


                        Onsite Support Services 


                            Desktop Management


                        Network Management


                                    IMAC Services


                              Mail Management


                                   Service Desk 


                       Main Power Management Services


                                    Application Management


                          Vendor Management


                                           Managed Services /FM


                              Break-Fix Support (AMC)


                         Printer Management Services

                                                                                                  Antivirus Management


                                  Asset Management