Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management with its wide variety of services enables customers to step up competitive advantage and deliver effectively. String Engineering’s expertise of 4+ years in IT tools and processes makes us the best choice for managing a company’s IT-Infrastructure. Our services are structured on industry standards like ISO 20000, based on the ITIL framework.

End User Management Services

Whether you’re travelling or next to your home spot, always know where the wind is the best. Get the latest forecast to choose where to kite.

Enterprise Services

Easily discuss meeting points and rideshare from within the app. Make friends if you’re new to town, or get an additional member to your crew.

IT Consulting & Security

Have an IT query, need consultation? Think String! We at StringEngineering help organisations get the best out of their IT assets by providing cost-effective and efficient consulting services. We are highly process driven and help to manage Security, Data and processes through our timely Tests and Audits.

Data Center Services

Our Data Center services provide a 360° solution; From planning your company’s infrastructure, to optimising the processes, keeping your hardware & software needs in check and maintaining work flows that move steadily towards your vision.

The features your business needs

Think IT, Think String Engineering. The world of String is all-pervasive. We set up your homes, your offices, help you travel, keep your money and your health in check and are even part of your holidays! Our biggest USP- quick, efficient support to the remotest of locations.


Get an instant snapshot of the stages your applications are at. Don’t waste your time on trying to keep up and updating them.

Govt. / E & R / Defence

Spend your time building relationships with your students and give them good reasons to choose your agency and loose the competition.


Put the focus on the student. With intelligent, your education counsellors will be in sync to focus their time on increasing revenue.

Health & Hospitality

Submitting an application to study, on behalf of a student, is never a short process. Give yourself a break! Keep track of vital information such as task creation/completion date & time.


It’s easy to remember your invoice due date when you have only 5 or 10 applications, but what happens when you manage 50 or 100 students?


There are many reports out there, that only satisfy your curiosity. Not so with inteleagent. Access reports that you will actualy use in the decision making process.


Convenient, Safe and affordable; StringEngineering will solve all your daily IT problems within the comforts of your home, office or any other place that suits you. We have extended our services directly to individuals, hoping to ensure cost-effective, reliable and professional IT solutions. Our team of experts is well versed with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Remote IMS

No matter where in the country your business is operating from, StringEngineering’s Remote IMS ensures it is safe. Our secure surveillance and adroit management of IT systems are effective tools in improving safety and productivity of your business.

Software Services

String Engineering helps businesses transition into this digital millennium and help incorporate and integrate the latest technologies. All in a bid to make it easier to reach out to a wider audience and make large amounts of data more manageable.


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